Sequim Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce

Citizen of the Year

The Sequim-Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual “Citizen of the Year” luncheon each February to reveal which Sequim citizen has been awarded the distinction for the previous year. The nomination period for this award is now open through the end of business on January 31st. Nomination forms are available at the link below and at the Chamber.

Nominations are accepted for any person, or pair of people who have worked jointly in a(n) community project(s), and who are residents of Eastern Clallam County (primarily the Sequim School District); and has performed outstanding service to the community of Sequim.  Service rendered by such nominees shall be above, beyond, and generally outside the regular occupation of the nominee.  The nomination form must be accompanied by at least 2, but not more than 3 letters of written endorsement in order to be considered.

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Created in 1968, the Citizen of the Year Award was designed to recognize those individuals who contribute to the betterment of our community. Former Mayor, Peter Black was the first recipient of the award, and all of the other past recipients will soon be listed on the Sequim Dungeness Valley Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Announcement of the availability of applications begins each winter. Nominations are made by members of the community and the selection of the finalists for Citizen of the Year is made by a panel composed of past recipients of the Award. Finalists are chosen based on their history of outstanding volunteer service to the Sequim community. Selection is a tremendous honor. We always receive many wonderful nominations, and the selection process is a difficult one, given the large number of citizens who give so much of themselves every year. Our community salutes and gives thanks to everyone who was nominated.

Nominees have to be residents of Eastern Clallam County (living within the Sequim School District area) in order to be considered and nomination is made by the completion of an application accompanied by two required letters of endorsement. Nominees shall be persons who have performed outstanding service to the community, and service rendered by such nominees shall be above, beyond, and generally outside the regular occupation of the nominee. The nomination process closes on the last business day each January and the nominees are recognized and winner announced at the second Chamber luncheon in February (always the 4th Tuesday in February).

Sometimes, two persons working jointly in a community project or projects may be nominated to receive a joint award.

Past Citizen of the Year Award Winners

1968 Peter Black 1994 Rand Thomas
1969 Carl Klint 1995 Rochelle McHugh
1970 Virginia Keeting 1996 Esther Heuhslein Nelson
1971 Virginia Peterson 1997 Annette Hanson
1972 Tom Groat 1998 Jim & Cathy Carl
1973 None 1999 Bill Fatherson
1974 Katie & Bill Merrill 2000 Robert Clark
1975 Jerry Anjuili 2001 Don Knapp
1976 Chuck Southern, Howard Wood & Lorna  McInnes 2002 Gil Oldenkamp
1977 Nellie Tetrude 2003 John Beitzel
1978 Marcia Welch 2004 Emily Westcott
1979 Ruby Trotter 2005 Lee Lawrence
1980 Iris Marshall 2006 Bob & Elaine Caldwell
1981 Howard Herrett 2007 Stephen Rosales
1982 Guy Shephard 2008 Walt & Sherry Schubert
1983 Don & Vivian Swanson 2009 Tom Schaafsma
1984 Bill & Shirley Keller 2010 Jim Picket
1985 Ed & Marcia Beggs 2011 Dick Hughes
1986 Ruby Mantle 2012 Kevin Kennedy
1987 Jeff Shold 2013 Gary Smith
1988 Annette Kuss 2014 Cliff Vining
1989 Jim Haynes 2015 Louie Rychlik
1990 Bill & Judy Rowland 2016 Dave Bekkevar
1991 Nina Fatherson 2017 Judy Stipe
1992 Bud Knapp 2018 Clare & Don Hatler
1993 Paul Higgins 2019 Deon Kapetan